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Here, there be monsters!

Below is a categorized list of supernatural critters. This list is organized in such a way that creatures will get listed under ‘deeper’ headings as they are investigated. This style of organization has been done in the hope that it aids the players in keeping track of the things they meet / hear about.

Mythic Bloodlines:
Below are listed mythic virtues that are most commonly carried by the mundane population.
Supernatural Virtues
Supernatural Flaws

The below beings in this list are known by legend only. They may have not been researched or met (yet); they are commonplace enough to be part of the local folklore.

The below beings have been ‘met’, but little else is known about them.

Realm Affiliation:
This is further sub-divided into the four supernatural realms. Beings that become attached to one of the four realms are; most likely, of that realm (or someone has been fooled / botched a roll).
Divine Beings:

Fey Beings:

Magic Beings:

Infernal Beings:

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