Player Accountability

Below are some game table house rules that I play by. I expect you to follow the below rules as well. It simply makes the game easier for everyone.

The Good…

  • There are no ‘dumb’ questions. Inappropriate or ill-timed questions may be ignored.
  • Seasons are special, long-term events that follow a unique troupe management system.
  • You are expected to be at the meetings (online or live), unless you inform us (via forums or an email to me) otherwise.
  • You are expected to manage your character, speak to the Storyguide if you have questions.
  • You are expected to let the Storyguide know how you are managing your character. This includes the following:
    1. How you are spending your XP
    2. What you plan to develop in your lab
    3. An idea of long-range goals and how your feel your character is coming along
    4. Virtues, Flaws, and Story Hook plans and interests

The Bad…
There’s a lot of detail in this game. Lots of math and modifiers. People mess up (including me). It’s human nature and I let most of that stuff go… as long as it gets ‘fixed’ once it is discovered.
However; sometimes folks just can’t help but take a chance and sneak a ‘cheat’ past the Storyguide or their troupe. If you get busted, you get 1 ‘strike’. 3 ‘strikes’ and it becomes my job to have a sidebar discussion with the other members of the troupe to decide if I get the nasty job of kicking you out; or giving you one more chance.

The Ugly.
Theft, harm, or destruction of players property gets the offending member kicked out. Its a game. Don’t get over-emotional… maybe paintball is more your speed.

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Player Accountability

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