A Regio is a location. This is not to be confused with an aura; which is an emination of a specfic type of power source. Regio’s are ranked from low power (1) up to maximum power (10); beyond ‘10’ lay the realm of power itself. A Regio is a supernatural realm dedicated to one of the 4 powers in this game: Divine, Fairy, Magic, or Infernal. Each realm is vast and unique enough to have had individual texts written. Also, the realms do not interact with one-another equally. Below is a general concept of how well / poorly powers interact within other realms:

Power Divine Realm Fairy Realm Magic Realm Infernal Realm
Divine bonus n/a n/a n/a
Fairy HUGE minus bonus slight bonus minus
MAGIC HUGE minus slight bonus bonus minus
Infernal HUGE minus minus minus bonus

Regios are places where supernatural beings live.

Regios are places where warping caused by that unique power is common.

Magic Regios are GREAT places for magi to do their work.

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