This is the story thread that will weave through the plotted century+ of this game. Although the players will be exposed to (potentially) hundreds of secondary story / plot hooks that may lead them into unexpected locations; this core thread will occur as planned by the storyguide.

It should also be noted that from a game mechanics standpoint, this story thread serves as the troupe’s Alpha Story. Any Beta Stories developed by Beta Storyguides must refer to this thread as the game’s canon. In short: Beta Storyguides should not write material / characters / items that will disrupt the Alpha Story. Check with the storyguide if you are unsure about anything.

Introductory story: A Letter from the Northlands. The player characters will be gathered by an ancient member of the Order at Cad Gadu.

Establishment of the Players Covenant Story: The House of Mythen

(Begin the covenant’s Spring)

Story 1: Devices of a Queen

Story 2: TBA

Story 3: TBA

(End trilogy 1; and the end of the covenant’s Spring)

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