Mythen Keep

The Legends Begin Here!

A call has been sent across the four corners of the Order, drawing select magi to a remote covenant along the western coast of Scotland…

The Mythen Keep saga has been planned to span the years 1218 through 1322. It will take place primarily in the Stonehenge and Loch Leglean Tribunals (England, Wales, and Scotland). There may be an occasional brush with Ireland or mainland Europe as well.

Functionally, the style of the saga will begin with a generalized structure. There are plots, and there are stories that the players will become exposed to from time to time. However; sometimes PCs will have years to pass working in their labs. Other times, Beta Storyguides may wish to take the helm. That is what the Troupe Styled game system is for.

I am interested in letting the players develop the depth of the following:
1. Fantasy level. This game is written with all possible magic elements being used (thus a High Fantasy).
2. Level of mundane interactions. Right now written as low / mid level; somewhere between a ‘3’ and ‘5’ -ish.
3. Hermetic politics and intrigue. Currently the writing is high level; around a ‘9’.
4. Magus action-adventure or subtle manipulations via agents. This is a middle of the road level, with action and subtlty equally sharing the spotlight for the magi.
5. Investigative (tricks, plots, and paths into the unknown). The plans / outcomes of the antagonists have been flowcharted and date-stamped for the time when they will occur. Being a game being built on the foundation of player creativity, certain elements may never see the light of day once the characters get involved…

Feel free to browse the Mythen saga wiki. There is some more helpful info there. This resource will be continually updated as the game progresses.

Mythen Keep (Ars Magica 5)