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This is the wiki Main Page. It serves as the starting point for this saga’s wiki. From here you can begin researching your campaign! The goal is to collect any and all information about the game invironment as it becomes common knowledge within the Troupe.

The Storyguide assumes that even new players will be up to speed on most of the events of the game, as whatever findings they might make within this wiki would reflect non-game-time ‘discussions over a tankard’ and other such scuttlebutt that occurs in-universe during non-play time.

Below are the various header links that might be useful:

Books used in this game

Covenants; housing the players and many Order NPC’s (many sub-headings deeper in)

Creature Feature; where the critters you meet are fleshed out as you come to understand them.

Gaming Environment; people, places, and urban centers as the players meet them.

Hermes Portals; those useful level 75 teleporters that are hidden by Mercere House.

History timeline of game-time history

House rules quick and short list.

Legends based upon real writings

NPC’s (a more detailed look)

PC’s (a more detailed look)

Player Accountability



Sites Internet links associated with ArM5

Spells (new, notes, etc)

Vis (sources, types, etc)

XP Totals and Seasonal notes will be tracked in the Adventure Log (see above tabs).

Main Page

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